Balcony Classrooom



The studio arts classroom at Worcester Arts Worskhop

The studio arts classroom at Worcester Arts Worskhop

The balcony classroom has its name because it is to be entered over a balcony. When the weather is nice the sun can be let in through the open door. Through its many windows the room in general is very well illuminated. Equipped with workbenches and direct access to water, this room offers ideal working conditions either for artists in search of a studio or as a room for arts classes. The room is big enough for about 8-10 students and an instructor. Artists find the balcony classroom an inspiring environment, whereas students perceive it as ideal surroundings to learn in.

If you are interested in booking this room and for further details, please fill in the online Room Booking Request Form or download the Room Booking Request Form.

£15/h Max. 18 people

Single Person Room hire
For people wanting to use the Balcony Classroom as a work space on their own, single person rates are available. Single Person Bookings can be made no more than 2 weeks in advance and cost £5/h. Please contact us to book or for more information.