Cellar gallery space at Worcester Arts Workshop

The Vault is a much more cosy room than one would expect from an underground space. Not only is it spacey enough for classes such as dance courses, it is also a very atmospheric exhibition place. The floor in part is covered by carpet in part by laminate so as to offer different undergrounds for the sports activities frequently taking place in the cellar, such as belly dancing. The Vault is big enough for larger classes up to 15 students. Moreover there is access to energy so that a sound system can be plugged in. All in all, thanks to its arched ceiling, the vault is a space full of character, especially to be used by Yoga, belly dancing, Qi Gong classes or something the like.

Off-peak rate, Sunday to Thursday and Friday/Saturday until 5pm: from £20/h Max. 50 people

Peak-time rate, Friday/Saturday evening from 5pm: from £35/h or £150/5h (includes use of Theatre) Max. 199 people