Cafe Bliss Crowdfunding Appeal

Worcester Arts Workshop is helping to fund a long overdue kitchen refurbishment at the Cafe. Cafe Bliss wants to extend this to refurbishment of the whole cafe, an admin overhaul and some business development projects and so is seeking additional funding from our generous patrons, happy and regular users of the Cafe, and anyone who has an interest in the Cafe continuing to thrive and develop.

A crowdfunding appeal has been set up to raise the funds needed.

So please dig deep if you are able and if you are not even a token contribution will be much appreciated.

Cafe Bliss

Cafe Bliss is the heart of the Worcester Arts Workshop. For over five years it has been serving a range of food with Belizean, Caribbean and Mexican influences with a good vegetarian and even vegan content. They believe in respecting the environment, community and local businesses by promoting good ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Within the local community, Cafe Bliss has supported the Asha Women’s Centre, provided nutritional cookery classes, developed a gardening project and much more. They have a close relationship with St Paul’s Hostel and provide the soup for Worcester Soup (a regular crowdfunding event for creative community projects).

Cafe Bliss

We really hope you can support Cafe Bliss and help them reach their target.

For more information about Cafe Bliss view this extended video.

One thought on “Cafe Bliss Crowdfunding Appeal

  1. Hi All. Can you tell me what has been done to extend the reach
    of the Cafe Bliss fundraiser. The crowdfunder website gives some
    very usefull information on this including traditional (press etc) and
    non traditional media (social media etc) Are stats being monitored,
    Hit rates etc?
    Kindest regards and keep up the good work

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