Featured Artists from SLAP Magazine July

Both shows open on Wednesday 25th with a public opening evening from 6pm til 8pm.

A Fox’s Road Trip – Cellar Gallery

25th July – 19th August

Paul O’ Leary is a painter with an interesting guise. Seeing himself as ‘The Fox’ in his paintings, he is able to convey his personal experiences and emotions in humorous and colourful style.

“I had reached a point in life where my personal circumstances had changed dramatically. After painting city scapes with and for my ex-wife for ten years creating made up landscapes and birds, I needed to adapt fast and do something different. I tried to think about an animal which portrays the ever changing world, so naturally the fox came to mind as a clever and crafty urban animal.”

“I did a few little pieces at first, wandering fox, fox and kipper camping and so forth. These then developed into a more personal journey. I begin my pieces by undertaking sketch work or storyboards drawings and I know when my work is finished when I paint the fox’s whiskers!”

Paul studied a year of printmaking at Loughborough College of Art before doing a fine art degree at Leeds Metropolitan University.
With his work stemming from a printmaking background, he strives to create paintings using a printmakers thought process.

“My preference is to work with oils developing multiple layers of paint, whether that be varnish, oils or encaustic wax to create different surfaces.”

As for many artists of his generation, he was inspired as a youngster by Tony Hart, developing his motivations into adulthood through personal experiences combined with his love of charity shops and collecting things from the past.

 “The work does in a sense reflect this kind of kitch; bits and bobs of random house hold objects,
clocks and pictures are either things I have in my own personal space or people who have become a character too. The new cast of characters will change just as are friends do in life.”

Paul has been writing and illustrating a book about his fox and adventures for a year now and you will get a chance to see it when he launches this at the Worcester Arts Workshop as part of his exhibition opening on Wed 25th July, 6 til 8pm.

“The fox paintings/book has been a year of my life which is almost a new part if me. It is strange to have this special relationship with a made up character, though one which I am grateful for as it has in no doubt helped me in my art practice and in dealing with life’s many challenges.

It has and will be a surreal journey for me and my new fox friend…..”

Roger Whitmore – Café Bliss Gallery

25th July – 19th August

Showcasing a collection of prints, Worcester born Roger Whitmore uses familiar symmetry, asymmetry and rhythmic patterns to produce colourful imagery within a tight graphic framework.

A self taught, established artist Roger was born in Worcester in 1937. He has lived and worked in and around here all his life. Taking influence from Picasso and Klee yet maintaining an individual style, he looks to simplify things using symbolism and pattern to depict a mental and visual reality which tells a personal story.

His work has been described as having both Freudian and surrealist connotations thus revealing how a private artist can achieve creative expression and fulfillment by using colour and form.

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