Children’s Pottery for Home Educators

This July we welcome Worcestershire Home Educators to the Workshop as they combine Pottery and Time Travel across three unique sessions for children. Home Education is an increasingly popular choice across Worcestershire, and the group meet regularly to provide support and education opportunities for children of all ages.

On the 5th, 12th and 19th July they will be investigating different eras of history, learning interesting facts about how pottery was used and what this tells us about the daily lives and events of people from the past. Children will use air drying clay to recreate pottery pieces just like the ones they learn about.

From pre-historic clay tools right through to Worcestershire’s own ceramic history – who knows where their journey will take them and what exciting pieces they’ll create?

Sessions will run from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

The sessions are suitable for children of ages 9 years plus however, younger children with the confidence and ability to engage are also welcome.

Booking will be for the full block of three sessions as each one leads on to the next.

The total cost for all three workshops is £40 for the first child and £35 for additional siblings. A deposit of at least £20 will be expected to secure your place and we can help you spread out the remaining cost with different payment options.

Places are limited – we strongly recommend you book in advance.

Secure your place by emailing

To learn more the Worcestershire Home Educators visit

Pottery Sessions for Home Educators

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