Jose Santos

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Jose Santos is an artist who specialises in printmaking. Encouraged by his mother at the age of 10 to pursue his interest in art, he took his first lessons in painting where exposure to art practices and a variety of cultural experiences found him developing a keen interest in the master painters.

After studying to be a priest, gaining further depth and understanding of theology and continuing to immerse himself in a culturally rich environment, he fueled further his interest in art eventually taking a course in printing and etching, a practice that he continues to perfect and experiment with today.

‘I strongly believe that art is a powerful medium that can contribute to positive human consciousness and promote change.’

‘My work explores the conceptual distinctions commonly made between nature and imagination.

I consider my compositions as a series of marks. Consciously or unconsciously this mark making will awaken the viewer to interact with the piece.’

After living in the USA, Jose moved to the UK in 1997 where he has remained since. Last summer he completed his BA in Fine art at the University of Worcester where he now resides and continues to work. You can see his collection at the Cellar Gallery, Worcester Arts Workshop, 22nd June until 21st July.

‘At times you can see pain and disappointment in my work, I relate this to my frustrated mind, and to the pain and loneliness in the world today.’

SLAP Magazine June

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