Painting and Drawing

One of the participants of the Painting and Drawing course is more than enthusiastic about the class: “Once in a week is just not enough! I could come every day!” This opinion mirrors what the instructor states about the practice of arts: “It’s an obsession, once you have started, it won’t let go of you.” Everyone can participate and experience the attraction art can exercise – be it an absolute beginner, ambitious amateur or established artist who is looking for new inspiration.

The course’s headline already covers the idea of a wide area of artistic creation and the course itself offers even more variety. On the one hand, it is a very individualistic course in terms of the realisation of the pupil’s independent works and projects. However, these different oeuvres are discussed among all participating artists so that everyone gets new input and artistic stimuli while partaking in someone else’s process of creating an opus, thus gaining inspiration for a work of their own.

The atmosphere accordingly alternates between phases of working in concentrated silence and phases of vivid discussion. Rather than assigning her pupils what to work on, the instructor helps them to develop their own ideas. Favourite sources of inspiration are works of the artist Gustav Klimt or William Turner. Experimenting with diverse colours, diverse canvases and different kinds of paint like watercolours, acrylic or oil, the range of possibilities offered to every student to work with is enormous. Likewise there is a great variety of subjects the artists work on. Some have their focus on landscapes; others work on architectonical drawings or symbolist paintings.

Most important, however, is the therapeutic effect of exercising art. Many of the participants have recently overcome hardships of physical, mental or emotional nature. All of them agree that practising arts is what kept them going and helped them find a new perspective in life. So the course is not only a chance for people who do not have a studio at home to gain the opportunity to work on their oeuvres. It is a valuable means of finding back to oneself, of being among like-minded persons and together further one’s creativity.

About the writer: Carolin Langner is currently staying in Worcester for a 6-week work placement. She originally comes from Mainz, Germany, where she recently completed her studies. She holds an M.A. in British Studies. Working for a German newspaper and a text publishing company, she hopes to gain some new insights and experiences during her internships at the Worcester Arts Workshop and Visit Worcester.

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