Working with Young People with Learning Disabilities


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Working with Young People with Learning Disabilities
Training Course led by Richard Hayhow, Director, Open Theatre

We are offering a 2-day training opportunity for up to 20 arts practitioners, artists and teachers who want to extend and adapt their practice to be more inclusive of young people with learning disabilities.

The two-day training course will involve an exploration of the theatre methodology developed by Open Theatre over a period of 25 years of working with adults and young people with learning disabilities and of its application within special schools.

The key elements of this methodology are as follows:
• It is essentially interactive, non-verbal, physical and music-led
• It places the creativity of people with learning disabilities at the heart of the process
• It has significant impact on children and young people’s learning within the school curriculum
• It develops the skills, abilities and qualities that these young people need to survive and thrive as they make the transition into adulthood
• It creates performance work on the borderlines of theatre, dance and mime, physical theatre at its best – a new kind of aesthetics.
• It trains people with learning disabilities as performers of professional standard

The two day training course will develop an understanding of and skills in this way of working through apportioning the time roughly as follows: one and a half days of practical work; a half-day of discussion and analysis of the theoretical base of the work: an hour and a half session working with a group of young people from Regency special school.

The format for the two days’ work will be roughly as follows:

Day One: practical and theoretical session in developing skills in the theatre methodology. There will also be an opportunity to stay on and take part in the Monday Night Club which runs from…

Day Two: practical and theoretical session in developing skills in the application of the methodology in special schools, hands-on experience of working with young people with learning disabilities, discussion around how to plan sessions

Fee: £10 for the two days. (Please note that this course has a value of £250 per person but is subsidised through funding from the Arts Council, England

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